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Independent businesses working together under brands that mean quality...

Staying in Wales: A comprehensive collection of Star-Graded places to stay in Wales where quality embraces all aspects of the holiday experience, including information.
Great Little Places: A special selection of small to medium size hospitality providers hand-picked for quality and their friendly atmosphere.
Welsh Rarebits: An exclusive collection of independent hotels of distinction offering high standards of quality and excellence.
Youth Hostels YHA: World-renowned overnight accommodation marked out by the distinctive character of each location, sustainable use of the countryside, and international friendship.


Serviced places to stay (hotels, guest houses and so on) come in many styles and sizes, offering something for everyone...

B&Bs: Bed & Breakfasts are based at private homes with evening meals sometimes available. B&Bs may have fewer facilities than a Guest House.
Guesthouses: Guest Houses might be private homes or commercially rated premises that provide B&B with evening meals sometimes available. Guest Houses may have more facilities than a B&B.
Hotels: Normally licensed establishments providing breakfast and dinner.
Country Hotels: As 'Hotels' , but in a quiet location, usually within their own grounds. The style of operation may be informal and relaxed.
Country Houses: Non-Hotel style accommodation in quiet locations, usually within their own grounds, providing breakfast and evening meals by arrangement.
Farm B&Bs: Bed & Breakfast or Guest House style of accommodation on working farms.
Inns: Fully licensed establishments open to non-residents with facilities and services similar to those at B&Bs. Food and beverages are usually a major part of the operation.
Restaurants with Rooms: Guest House or B&B style accommodation at a licensed restaurant.
Castles: Accommodation provided at fortified buildings.


Unserviced accommodation with self-contained or portable cooking facilities where visitors, singly or in groups, generally cater for themselves entirely...

Different types: Cottages, Apartments (often seafront), Bunglaows, Farmhouses, Houses, Homes, Cabins, Chalets, Castles.
Caravans, Camping: Touring Parks for touring caravans and possibly camping (no static holiday caravans); Holiday Parks for static holiday caravans that may also provide touring/camping facilities, and Campsites for tents, bivouacs etc.


‘Other’ accommodation is usually for a particular market such as backpackers and provides accommodation and services tailored to those needs...

Hostels: Usually dormitory or family room accommodation. Catered meals or self-catering may be offered.
Activity Centres: Usually available only on a pre-booked basis and offered by an organisation that provides one or more outdoor activity. Accommodation can be either in dormitories or small rooms. Centres listed by Staying in Wales are either participants in the Wales Tourist Board’s scheme of accreditation for this sector or have an AALA licence, which is a statutory licence to operate that affects certain types of activity.
Bunkhouses: Usually less formal than a hostel - catering is by arrangement. Separate sleeping areas usually provided.
Camping Barns: A simple building, usually single storey, with a single sleeping area (bunks or platforms). Own sleeping bag, torch and camping stove required.
Campuses: Available at or made available by an institution of higher education when it is not being used for its main function as student accommodation. It may be in Halls of Residence or student 'village' complexes. They can be serviced or self catering.